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AKiDA Consulting was started in May 2021 by Andrea McIntosh. 

Since then the company has been working with a number of clients and partners across all sectors of Aotearoa (New Zealand) to assist in the delivery of information management strategies and projects.

We are all about information management, in fact it is right there in the middle of our name.

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Whakatakanga - Mission

We are here to provide specialist input into your information management strategies and programs of work.

We want to ensure you have the ability to achieve the information management performance and processes that support the goals of your organisation, in a pragmatic way, balancing the needs of users and stakeholders with compliance.

We do this by working alongside your key information management and technology teams and partners aligning their expertise with the organisation, its people, and processes with expertise in modern digital transformations and information management frameworks.

Matawhānui - Vision

Here at AKiDA our vision is simply to ensure that all information management teams across all sectors have the support they need in this rapidly changing digital and compliance landscape.

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