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Need help going digital?

We’re AKiDA Consulting, your information specialists, and we can’t wait to start working together on your digital strategy. Going fully digital is a journey with an amazing destination for you, your teams and your clients.

At AKiDA we can offer services to start your journey off on the right foot even if is just a step change in the right direction to start with. 

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We can help you identify your core business information that has a return on investment in digitisation.

We can also support you with digitisation projects from design to delivery with reputable vendor relationships.

If you need to look at long term storage of paper we can help with that too.


Information Systems Design

Moving from paper to digital relies on a system that is functional and has the user experience at the heart of it. 

With experience in the legislation surrounding the management of records we can design an information architecture to support these frameworks in a simple easy to build design using SharePoint. 

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Process and Change Management

Technology is just one part of the solution and at AKiDA we know how important process and people are in your digital journey.

With Business Analysis and Change Management expertise we will ensure use and adoption of new ways of working have the greatest results for your organisation.

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